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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act governs all photo complaints in which an individual who either owns, or represents the owner of copyrighted material (i.e. photos) is claiming that someone has misused their copyrighted materials without permission. If you are the copyright holder, or a representative of a copyright holder and you would like to make an infringement complaint, or counter an infringement complaint, about content on our site, please skip down to the “DMCA Notice” below, and follow the instructions.

If you are NOT the copyright holder (i.e. you don’t own the pictures) but would like to bring to our attention the potential misuse of photos, (i.e. you think we have photos online that are not of the actual advertiser, or are of a famous celebrity or model), please click on the link labeled “Photo Complaint” below.

Please include with your email any links or corresponding info that will help us determine whether or not the photos are being used properly. We will investigate any complaint that provides us with sufficient information. However, please note that unless we are able to determine with a high degree of certainty that the image in question is not being used properly, then we might not be able to take all requested actions. Therefore, the more information you can provide to us at the link below, the more likely it will be that we may be able to act upon the information.

Photo Complaint

DMCA Notice

For notification of a claimed infringement should be sent to the following;


DMCA Notice

Pox Box 6482

Orlando, Florida 32789

We welcome and encourage all valid DMCA complaints. However, please be aware fraudulent DMCA complaints are time consuming and costly. OrlandoGirl.Com ,specifically reserve the right to pursue claims in a court of law against any company or individual that causes our company to suffer damages or attorney’s fees resulting from fraudulent or abusive DMCA complaints.

In an effort to ensure that all DMCA complaints have been sent to us in good faith, we are requesting all such complaints be sent to the address above. OrlandoGirl.Com also reserves the right to contact all individuals who file DMCA complaints to help us confirm that the complaint was sent in conformance with all applicable federal laws.

We thank you for your assistance in these matters.